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What is DevOps Course?

Many students setting out on a career in the IT field have a doubt as to "What is DevOps?" DevOps is a combination of different aspects of an organization’s functioning such as:

- The cultural philosophy of the enterprise
- Practices and methodology used by the enterprise to carry out its activities
- Various tools which help in achieving maximum efficiency with reduced costs

All of the above, in combination, achieves the following:

- The ability of the enterprise to deliver apps and services at high velocities
- DevOps helps the enterprise to improve and upgrade products at a much faster pace
- This speed helps serve customers better
- It increases the competitiveness of the enterprise

Due to the benefits listed above and due to the fact that a DevOps culture inculcated in an enterprise, brings in greater efficiencies, increases staff morale and impacts the bottom line of an organisation positively, means that IT Managers and Owners will be willing to spend time and money to get onboard the DevOps train.

How does DevOps work?

When an enterprise uses DevOps, different work teams such as Development and Operations etc., do not work in isolated Silos. They combine synergies to work as a single team across the whole spectrum of activity, in the application lifecycle starting from development to operations. All engineers are able to multi-task, thus ensuring are there no gaps for the application to fail.

One of the greatest problems encountered in the old system was that the different teams did not know what the other was up to and the problems that cropped up at launch, could send the whole system crashing with business operations grinding to a halt. DevOps put a stop to such scenarios. All teams were in constant touch with each other and the chances of failure at launch were minimised to a negligible extent.

Some of the benefits of DevOps are:

Speed – It helps an enterprise to move at high velocity. This enables them to innovate faster and adapt to change in market trends at a much faster rate. It will increase efficiency and reduce cost of operations.

Rapid Delivery – DevOps helps in increasing the frequency and pace of applications being released. This helps in greater innovation and improvement for product enhancement. The customer satisfaction derived helps the enterprise get a competitive advantage.

Reliability – With DevOps, without compromising on positive user experience, it is possible to update applications and make infrastructure changes, at a much more rapid pace. This is not always possible by using old methods of each group working in Silos.

Improved Collaboration - The culture of a DevOps environment, helps build a more effective and cohesive team. It helps fostering collective responsibility, leading to greater customer satisfaction and goodwill. The development and operations teams closely interact with each other, sharing some responsibilities and collaborating in others. The handover period between development and operations will be reduced.

Security – To ensure that the entire DevOps environment would be secure, DevSecOps was developed to integrate security everywhere. Security, which usually kicked in only in the later stages of release, was integrated into the workflow. In fact, Security was pushed back and was integrated at the planning stage itself. Since DevOps automated everything, it was ideal from the security point of view. Security tools could be incorporated to automate security testing before production.

Scale – In an enterprise, when DevOps shows the sign of success, it gets inundated with requests for new projects, applications and infrastructure from other arms of the enterprise. It will be difficult to do this with existing staff only, so how can scaling be achieved? The solution was to create a process and workflow that could be replicated by multiple teams. When DevOps agility kicks in, that is the time to start standardizing and normalising processes, which leads to achieving the scale of operations that are required.

Since DevOps presents a win-win situation for an enterprise, it is rapidly being accepted in the industry. Those IT professionals, with training and certification in DevOps, can easily get good jobs in the IT field. However, proper training and subsequent certification is very important, so it is logical to get the best DevOps training in Chennai.

Why DevOps Training in Chennai with us?

Our Institution, JPM Edu Solutions has many years of experience in the field of IT training. Over the years we have built up a reputation of excellence. All our courses, especially the DevOps Training in Chennai, are very popular and well accepted in the industry. Our students have gone on to get good jobs in various reputed organizations after DevOps training. It goes to show that in the field of DevOps training, our DevOps training in Chennai has wide acceptance in the Industry.

Why should you take the DevOps certification training course with us?

DevOps certification is a key to getting a good placement in the IT Industry. To get certified, proper training from a reputed Institution is needed. Our Institute JPM Edu Solutions has designed an in-depth course in DevOps. The DevOps training course will take you through a succession of step by step modules, till completion.

Our experienced trainers will ensure students get the maximum benefit from the course. They will mentor the students on a one on one basis, to guide them smoothly through the DevOps training course. Once a student undergoes the DevOps Training Courses, he or she can confidently clear the certification examinations. Our Institute has an enviable record for running top class DevOps training and other courses in the IT field.

What makes JPM Edu Solutions the best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai?

Our syllabus has been crafted by our highly experienced team of trainers. Each module has been designed to ensure that all students get exposed to the topic in a step by step, logical manner. This logical process ensures that students get a thorough exposure from the basics onwards. They can confidently face the certification examinations as well as job interviews.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding our DevOps training course in Chennai, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +91 91 7550194475 / 9677179680 We are there to help and guide you.

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